Everything Might Fall Apart

by Anchorless Bodies

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released August 3, 2014



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Anchorless Bodies Hungary

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Track Name: Somewhere To Dry Out
I have reached the top of the mountains,
Then fall back down to the deepest abyss of misery.
There's no escape no matter how I

Live my life, after so much tragedy and hold my head off from the immense heaviness,

I feel as the blood is flowing...

When we speak too much, existing no longer, and hearing our voices fading in the room that is occupied by the ghosts of our fragile past, I can

Feel as my words are flowing in the eternal night,
And my heavy heart is feeling some disregard.

Why can't I touch whatever I want? The words are heavy...
Tell me what you've became, after so much pressure on you.
The wonder at your feet is so stunning, and time's approaching.
The first time we have met, was the only period when I could breathe.

There is a hole in my heart, and I exist for the need of pleasure and silence.

When we are trying to embrace each other, and fixing the millions of hours that we have failed to ruin, I overthink what should be done. But my arms, are moving so fast.
Track Name: Lungs Forgotten (feat Zoltán Jakab of Ghostchant and István Simon)
I guess it's hard to believe!
Everyone and everywhere, I need some light to disclose
Every lung that's fueled with hate.
And if I get some attention, more or less I feel the same
I won't hesitate to burn the structure or ignite the flames.

Every time it gets so fucking hard to realise what is lost!
At the blackest of night we still stand, when nothing is there except for you and me and everyone else who once cared about the forgotten pages of life.

I'm about to burn the candle but still I can't.
You caused me sudden choking and I beg you to throw
The important pieces away, far far far away.
No one can hide anything, no majority has a right.

The virtue extends the days of loss, relieve the the past with pleasure.
Forgot these lungs, fear what we've learned.

And blooming since the architecture of sunlight is giving away the key of mourning solitude.
This is the end, it's going back to the stars, it's preying for revelation.
When we're doomed, the past is certain.
Track Name: Friends Forgotten
Some spirits may appear in order to move
The other way of war.
But I am sunlight and devestation of success.
Very far away footsteps calling their names to change.

If the next day won't come, my heart will replace it
With an image of past filled, distorted mirror.
It may not excuse the failure of being abandoned, after looping into the ever churning misery.

Caused by blindness, caused by hopelessly loving
And the origin of bursting out the tragedy day after day.
So easier to get the stone from the infinite cave of moral day after day.
Track Name: The Weight Of Storms
I have a comprehension, no matter what way I choose.
We should just fall asleep and keep in mind
That no one's assuming unless the cautiousness appears
I live the dream and still don't know what's real.
Chasing and breathing the sorrow of life
And connecting the low with high.

Feel what I felt before and dream more...

If I suddenly die the whole world stops breathing
And the souls will overflow with passion.
At the edge of the harbor I'm thinking about the time of lies
The reason why I'm still thinking about you (why I'm still a prisoner of myself)
Is a handful ashes you left behind after raging and bleeding and turning everything to darker shades
And living without any doubt of faithful life.

When I am gone, I am the barrier of God
The dearest love, you'll ever find, the moon over the pace.
I've gone through every home, that you deserve,
However we still fell passion and can't see the luminous end.
Over the ashes we both bury dreams.
We consider the souls to be free again.
Controlling every vessels, realizing it's a cure.
Track Name: Crippling Waves
After all I walk alone, I repeat the morning,
Understand the loss of us.
I wash out from mind, the song of your bending,
The songs of the heart, the miracle in nature.

There was a time, when I thought the sadness will melt with sorrow
Without any heavy burden left behind.

For sure I must know that loneliness is just another way of being so small, of being so captured. I might imagine the things that are false and I might not understand the apprehension. This is converging so many delightful and operating moves and determines our lives. But I see that we are not the treasure of the past or a blink of an eye. We are living in the present, we desire to love and have sense of fellowship.

It proved us to breath and loomed what we should seize.
The frozen smiles with heavy hearts.
A darker craft disappears with aligned clouds and aligned birds.

Under the pale grey light we march to reserve everything around here and gain the hours and alter our behaviour.

I pass by and follow the way that confirmed to be my own.
I already walk tomorrow.
Under the pale grey light we march to reserve...
Track Name: Heatseeker
The conflicts are now burning in me.
Well the sorrow might heal the ravine
Between the wars of our instincts.
Track Name: Comforted By Failure
Again the nothing too soon deceived our prosperity
I accept living with some of the wings
And admit passive acquiescence

Even if the fever is high, I am just seconds away from you
I am still breathing, accepted that whatever is gone is gone
Don't give a chance to light to show the emptiness, built up by bounding promises

Repeated infinite times, again and again and again
Just stick up the ivy in bays

Már nem érzem azt az illatot, többé nem kóstolom azt az ízt, talán a színek is másképp hatnak. Nincs érzelem, nincs emlék, se vágy, se álom. Csak én vagyok és a tudatom, többé magam nem találom.

Track Name: Season With Sand
I feel the end in my veins.
The time is not defended by arms but by results
Of the fairest judge.

Until my eyes are, my eyes are blurring and the
Fading light of death, the fading light of me

Taking over that hours compeled, figuring out
The seson of surrender won't come.
We have the courage to pursue the hollow realm
Of my hollow dreams.
It is sinking into the deep blue sea.

And the iron is heating my body to move towards shallow realms
And I feel the same.

Until my eyes are, my eyes are blurring and the
Fading light of love is consuming me.
Track Name: Everything Might Fall Apart
Please hope grant me the knowledge
To change the things that accept the courage
As an offer from life.
And the wisdom to know what serenity holds off for us.
I will never get rid of this, I repel the sunshine.

I am trying to replace something after the promise of never coming back.
After never hearing our voices that fulfilled the miserable days with feelings.

So alive, but I wasn't able to run, my eyelids are sore
After inhaling the fire of bold compassion.
I want to breathe, I want to see the fortune
That guards me from being so close
To squeeze the worth of living.

I am just seconds away from this, I should be more prompt
I can't lose, I want to absorb, I wait for the wisest.
It's time...